Clipping path is an awesome technique to cut out an object from its respective background. In Adobe Photoshop CS5, here are the steps to create a clipping path. Check them out:

  • Pick the pen tool from the tools palette and create a path around the object or the image. An outline is created to cut the object out from the background.
  • Save the path in the paths panel from the panel menu and name it anything you want to. Once the path is saved, move ahead.
  • Now choose clipping path from the panel menu and in the clipping path dialog box, choose the path from the drop down list. Click OK.
  • Now set the flatness value to determine the speed with which you are creating the outline. For faster processing, set the higher amount. At the high value, you will see straight edges instead of curved ones.
  • Save the file in the Photoshop EPS format from the drop down menu. Click OK.
For Better Understanding see the video tutorial bellow:

You did it right!

Image manipulation has come a long way now and its impact is actually powerful. Without hampering the picture quality, manipulation is a perfect technique. All the digital editing software needs to use manipulation tool to add some charm and spice to the photos. Add challenge to the pictures by using this great tool and make them look funky, beautiful and renovated.

The task of digital editor is to thoroughly analyze the image and then use image manipulation tool to make it look different and artistic.

How it is done?
Usually image manipulation is done after checking the image and then tweaking it for the color, hue and saturation. The editor has to have utmost knowledge and skills to manipulate an image as it becomes easier for him or her to influence the pictures with his or her skills. Other than the color or hue, features like red eye correction, background changing, transforming an image from white to black or vice versa and adding a person in group photo etc. is included in image manipulation.

Cut out image is also a part of the image manipulation as not everything in the image is required. Some things have to be truncated from the photo in a way that doesn’t look awkward at all. Things like background, a person or any object must be cropped out to give the image a cleaner look.

Once the cut out is done, details like sharpening or contrasting an image is done according to the requirements. offers the best image manipulation techniques in a genuine way. People today are so conscious about the work they get done from online service providers so it is essential to offer them what they need. And here comes in scene to deliver the best image manipulation services.

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Photoshop Drop shadows create nice effects when applied on the photos. They have the potential to add realism to the images by giving them a natural feel. Also, you don’t need to wait for the natural shadows to occur but Photoshop can perform the task well.

Working with the layers, nice shadow effects can be created to give a 3d look to the images. Different settings are there which helps you to find different shadow effects that you can apply on the photo depending upon the requirements. To create unexpected photo effects, use nice shadows and create proper angles so that the shadow looks perfect. Size, distance and spread matters a lot in the whole appearance of the shadow in the image so whenever you mix and match them, take care to create them in a proper manner.

Go to Photoshop and play around with creating drop shadows. Have any questions, let us know.

For Better Understanding see the video tutorial bellow:

Put life back to the dull images and make them look perfect using photo enhancing techniques in Photoshop. Isn’t it fun to amaze your friends sharing beautifully retouched photos of yours?

Being in a company of lovely friends is adorable and clicking pictures is more adorable. We all like clicking pictures and capturing fun and loving moments to cherish them later on in life. And they are so perfect that can bring out tears from your eyes years after as you feel emotional over the when those people are not around. But what if the images are distorted, noisy or blur? The whole charm of the image goes down in garbage when they look bad.

Now with the advancement of technology, new software has been launched to give a new dimension to the images. You can completely change the whole look and appearance of an image by adding extra details. In the world of photography, all what matters is the uniqueness and creativity that you put in an image to make it look perfect. But to do this, you got to know the right tools and methods that can give an enhanced look to the image. With so many softwares available, my choice is Photoshop as you can nearly do anything in this wonder software.

Tools like filters and photo effects are commendable that adjust a photo completely so as to make it look glamorous. You might have seen celebrities’ pictures being combined with other celebrities to create a sensation; it is all with the help of photo editing software. Other than that, a tool named movie photo effect is in great demand because the photos look like as if they are a part of the movie. So let’s add a sizzling effect to your otherwise not so interesting images and share with everyone. It is a real game changer!

Other than this, sharpen tool is also in use as it gives a classic feel to the images. It is fun to play with the images to add a new dimension and make them worth sharing further if they are not. It can be clearly seen that an average looking photo can be made perfect with just few retouching techniques. Why not add extraordinary brilliance to the pictures?

Both the terms layer masking and clipping path have their own importance in the world of photography. Let’s take a deep look into these to understand their importance:

To put the unique appeal into the images, layer masking cannot be avoided. Clipping path service cannot do anything if not used in combination with the layer masking. Layer masking is basically about hiding or showing the wanted and unwanted areas of the images. Suppose you have an image having a background that you don’t want to show up in the image but only some area so in this case layer masking comes in handy. You can make that area visible, partially visible, opaque or transparent. Also, it is not harmful in a way that will omit the photos if applied once. You can always recover the original image using few steps. For the e-commerce websites that need commercial ads or poster making can use layer masking to create multiple images from one image.

Clipping Path

Clipping path is a way to clip the images from their backgrounds and then place them on new backgrounds having different effects. Images are modified in photo editing software using inclusive paths and unique paths. Pictures are made translucent using software and then are modified for color corrections.

Hope you get to know the difference between both the terms! Thanks for reading!
Product Photo Editing :
As you all know, clipping path is the process of removing the backgrounds of an image using Photoshop tools. This service is highly essential and important to deal with the images that no other service can do. The accuracy level is up-to-the-mark that gives flawless results where the productivity comes out to be perfect. In the field of graphics where the images need to look great when enlarged, clipping path works great.

clipping path

An exclusive method of photo editing, clipping path is the renowned tool across the globe. Perfect quality, perfect method and perfect results are what the clipping path offers.

Clipping path demonstrates the part of a photo that needs to be there in the picture and removes that part which needs to be deleted. This method acts as a cover of the photo that encapsulates the unwanted parts and reveals the necessary parts only. Creating an outline around the image and tweaking some parts of that image comes under clipping path. Many of the graphic companies use this service widely to detach a photo from the background and the results are so perfect.

Undoubtedly, background removal tools like lasso tool, eraser tool and magic wand tool are also to remove the backgrounds but clipping path is just the perfect as it gives flawless results.

So what are you waiting for? If you are looking around for a perfect tool to remove the backgrounds, get hold of the clipping path service and there you go with the great results indeed.

Photography is challenging when you have to capture something having natural glow and shine. To attract the attention of someone, you can add fancy effects using fancy reflection shadows. I was reading a magazine and came across a motorbike that was so shiny and glowing which makes me fall for it instantly. The very next minute, I was thinking NO DUDE it’s not under your budget. But the presentation was so alluring that it made me fall immediately.

Fancy Reflection Shadows

Such images are a real challenge to click because in a camera, you cannot really capture the shining effects. The real shine of a product can cause harm to the camera lens and the end result is the blurred image. Also, the colors of the image get mismatched with such capture.

So to overcome this issue, you have to find the proper reflection ways that can be applied according to the needs of the particular photography. Products like watches, jewelry and ornaments are shiny and usually don’t get captured perfectly with camera flash. As a result, the picture quality gets discouraged and the whole image looks blurred, uneven and damaged etc.

To be precise in the photography reflection, camera settings are must to adjust. Just go to the manual mode of the camera and adjust the color balance because it is highly recommended according to the surrounding lights. Aperture must be set to maximum to take the picture in full depth and then capture the shots. Make sure to plug the camera to an adapter to avoid interruption. I would suggest clicking images in natural daylight to get perfect looks.

Switch off the camera flash before capturing pictures in daylight or else it will ruin the whole looks. Next, you can add diffused lighting that produces nice results. In such lighting, extra light is put on the object and the reflection of product gets diverted thus creating beautiful results.

Use the above techniques to get a beautiful image with natural reflection shadows. Have a good day!
Image alteration can be done nicely in Photoshop with the use of image manipulation techniques. Changing the eye color, lip color or hair color can be beautifully achieved with manipulation tools. Anything can be changed using Photoshop and that too flawlessly. Let us start manipulating the image:

image manipulation techniques

  • Open the image in Photoshop
  • Create a duplicate layer by pressing Ctrl+J or right click on the layer to create duplicate layer.
  • Change the blending mode to Overlay so that the light gets less.
  • Now go to Add layer mask icon to create a layer mask and then put black color in it using fill command.
  • Choose soft corner brush and use white color to paint the eye that has black color. You can see that the eye will be bright now.
  • Here you have to create one new layer. Choose the Soft light from blending mode. Paint with white color.
  • With this method, one eye color will be changed. Follow the same method for another eye.
Hope you get to know the proper method of image manipulation. Use proper techniques and get best results.

Software makes the difference in the type of editing. The choice of software must be right if you want the right photo editing. All the tips and tricks go in vain if the photo editor doesn’t have the knowledge of the right software.

To accomplish the perfect editing, the editor must have the complete knowledge and view of the software that he is using. Software that has easy navigation is the most perfect that has the capability to bring great results.

Software that most of the designers use is the versatile Corel Draw. Various designers have claimed it to be the best software in the market ever after Photoshop. Smooth editing, easy navigation and 100% quality results are few of the features of this software. With the completed work, you can save it in any format as you wish for! However, it is the choice of every beginner and professional to do right photo editing by spending as much time as you want.

For those designers who are working at pro levels, Corel Draw and Photoshop are the best software to use. Raster to vector conversions is beautifully done in Corel Draw and the scope of graphic is on a wider scale. Right from the editing to designing, these software offer the best results.
Happy photo editing!

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Professionalphotography is the success meter of an online brand that can bring in a lot of business without much ado. Customers take your website seriously only if you are serious about what you are offering. Perfect photography is the first impression so try to create stunning images. Let’s take a look on these steps and take photography to a new level:

Proper Light

Lighting plays a major role in displaying the right colors and features of a product. Consistent lighting elevates your product and makes it look more appealing. You can click a nice photo using proper lighting. If natural light is not present, then you can create beautiful artificial light using some external flash of your camera.

Keep Focus on the Object

Focussing on the object is highly important to capture great shots. Focus on the centre while shooting product photos because wider aperture is needed for that. Wider aperture will make sure to separate the object from the background thus giving you more beautiful backdrops.

Take Several Shots

It will save the editing time that you have to put in later on. During photoshoot, first of all take some test photos to make sure that the lighting, aperture or lens is appropriately set. Take several shots to save some time because if one picture doesn’t look that good, you will always have the option to use another picture with perfect settings.

Keep Experimenting with Different Shots to get One Perfect Picture

Photography is intimidating so you have to take few shots unless you don’t get one perfect shot. Experiment with pictures and try to find the perfect shot that suits best to you. Apply these steps and no one can stop you from getting stunning pictures in no time.

Happy photography!!

Clipping path is a tool used in Photoshop to cut out objects or people. It allows user to create image files with transparent backgrounds for use in print layouts-whether magazine, brochure or book layouts-in software program also. It is basically a vector path which helps in displaying only a part of image contained within the path that will appear in your layout programme.

Just follow these steps to create clipping path in Photoshop:

  • Choose an image to design or edit in Photoshop.
  • Open Photoshop.
  • Open the image into Photoshop.
  • Draw clipping path.
  • Remove the background by pressing Ctrl+enter.  Inverse and continue by pressing delete button to cut out background.
  • Fill the background with white color using bucket tool. This is a necessary step for users who want to use image as online content or for e-commerce site.

Following this method can make you a perfect clipping path and remove product image background. Have a good day!!

Thanks to creative and artistic photography techniques, it has changed the whole outlook of how an image looks mind blowing. Just a little tweaking with the images makes them innovative and you feel like as if it is a professional picture. You must have seen the catalogues where everything is so perfect to adore. Catalogue photography is one such thing that everyone needs to promote their products or services. So you can be as much creative as you want to!

Catalogue Photography

Just set up the right equipment and tools and here you go with the flawless catalogue photography. But it is not so easy to capture perfect shots as it takes time and tricks. Never forget that the product is the real hero so your focus always must always be on it while shooting. Go for a bold background to enhance the product. Sometimes vibrant backdrops are required to make the product look big than it is originally. Such backgrounds make a product look clear as the whole focus transfers on the product only. Next, to enhance the product more, drop shadow can be added.

So use your expertise and make your catalogue photography fabulous. It is also suggested to shoot the products against white backdrop if the catalogue is for e-commerce usage. 
Clipping path services help to remove the background of an image using pen tool in Photoshop. Clipping path companies make sure to deliver the flawless services by helping the people around the web. Such companies offer perfect solutions to complex pictures also. These experts have sufficient sources and resources to offer to their customers.

Clipping path allows the images to look beautiful in less time and you can also add extra effects later on as per your choice. New background can be added to the images using various tools in Photoshop to add a sense of uniqueness to the images. After using clipping path to remove the background, other editing services can be used effectively. Magic wand, extract filter and quick mask are some of the quick options to add a crispy element. And this is only possible if you hire a clipping path expert to toil on your projects. So there is no match in quality when you have hired a professional for clipping path services .

Do you know when and how to use image masking in Photoshop? Well, if not, this article is for you only! To put simply, image masking is a technique to hide a specific portion of an image using Photoshop tools. It is quite simple to understand even for the people unaware of the graphics industry.
Clipping masks and layer masks are used in combination to carry out the whole masking process and it depends upon the type of image that you want to apply the mask on. Let’s take a look on the types of image masking techniques:

Layer masks and clipping masks are two types of masking. Clipping masks are used to assign the transparency levels to an image whereas layer masks imply hiding the specific portions assigning the grey, black or white values. It needs proper knowledge and applying technique as a beginner can find issues. is well versed with the techniques of image masking and here you can find best photo editing deals under your budget.

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  • Timely delivery is made thus ensuring flawless results.
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  •  Complete privacy is maintained.

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Image manipulation involves the usage of many techniques and background removal is one of them. Erasing the unwanted elements or the whole background is essential when you want to showcase your products on your e-commerce portal. No matter what the niche of your website is, picture quality does matters and that can be achieved by removing the background to a great extent.

Removing thebackground of an image changes the whole outlook of an image thus making it look better than ever. You can easily make your image attract the eye balls of the viewers with just a little usage of Photoshop tools. is here to deal with all such photo editing services at highly affordable prices. Also, we have a creative bent of mind to put that unique element that people like to see in online portals. Now you don’t have to compromise with the bad images when we are here to help you.

By removing the dull backgrounds and making the pictures look perfect by adding up some spice is what we do!! So let’s make the images cool and flawless using image background removal services.
Channel masking or soft mask is a technique that is used in Photoshop as raster masking. Soft mask requires masking techniques with RGB and CMYK and many more custom channels. To accomplish clipping path, channel masking is the best way as it is perfect to create sophisticated images. Soft mask is a quick method to select an object with proper color contrast in the surrounding pixels.

Channel masking

Channel masking is the right and powerful way to knock out any background of the image having fuzzy edges like hair, fur or thread strands. Such edges are hard to remove with other tools like magic wand tool, quick selection or lasso tool. Even the pen tool has not that much capability to remove the background effectively by creating smooth and fine edges. Thus using alpha or soft mask, you can remove the background of an image nicely.

Soft mask or alpha masking or channel masking is the most effective feature of Photoshop that is in use widely by most of the photo editing companies.I hope you understand the topic well.

Clipping Path Services are Beneficial for Background Removal

Clipping Path King is an established company for photo editing services. The company deals in every type of photo requirements i.e. color correction, clipping path, photo editing, background removal, adding shadows or reflections, adding white backgrounds and much more that you cannot even think of. Other image editing services like ghost mannequin, neck joints, editing the images for online portals are also offered by the company at affordable prices.

Why choose Clipping Path King

Now with the advancement of Photoshop versions, the old methods to cut out or knock off any background are made easy with the help of clipping path. In the era of digital photography, you always feel the need to edit the image background in case of any flaws. So here Clippingpathking comes in scene to offer their remarkable clipping path services to make background adjustments in the image. Clipping path services give a variety of advantages to the businesses or online portals in becoming successful after removing the backgrounds from their product images.

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Background removal is quite an easy method in Photoshop that is used for image manipulation. This technique is accustomed to remove the unwanted backgrounds of an image that are either old, bad or damaged. In some images, unwanted backdrops are there which needs to be eliminated to give an enhanced look to the image. Images are the important part of everyone’s life so they must look perfect. Not only do the random images, but also the images at the websites must look flawless.

When you want to show your product at your online portal, the images need to look good. And it can be achieved through background removal services that you can avail at photo editing companies. Background removal changes the outlook of whole image and makes it look eye-catching. To remove the background, you have to cut out the image using different tools like magic wand, pen tool, quick selection or lasso tool.

Background removal holds major significance in online world as not-so-looking good images can break your online goodwill. So to spruce up the images, you have to remove the backgrounds from them and add new backgrounds. Moving the image to a new background looks cool and great if you are not interested in the old background.

Find a good photo editing Service Company to edit your images if they are in bulk and utilize your time in other important activities of your website